The We Care Pharmacy Network is an organization dedicated to providing innovative products, training and solutions to make it easier and more enjoyable to be an independent pharmacy business-owner. We know that you face some unique challenges in running an independent pharmacy, so our focus is on finding and creating the right products and services to grow your business.



These are just some of the services we offer our members:

WeCare Intelligence:

We-Care Intelligence is a purpose-built, world-class pharmacy application that groups your CRM, business performance data and reports all in one place. With this Windows-based application, you can SMS your new customers, send birthday and chronic script reminders and see who your top spenders are.


Marketing Tools

You can increase your customer count and keep customers coming back with exclusive marketing tools like the Yes, We Care online magazine. We assist you in creating and sending SMS and email campaigns and then deliver the performance reports to you afterwards. Our marketing team is available for assistance and advice for setting up your Facebook and other social media pages. Each of our member pharmacies gets a two-page WeCare hosted a website on joining.


WeCare Loyalty

We-Care Loyalty runs exclusively inside your store and brings feet back into your pharmacy. You decide what reward structure to give in each category and you reap the benefits, no middleman or third party skimming off the top.


WeCare order direct and OrderClerk

An integrated ordering system that is smart enough to track your purchases and make up a “recommended order” to keep your stock levels optimal. WeCare OrderDirect is the preferred ordering system for WeCare members, and combined with the powerful and comprehensive “StockCat” stock file, is an invaluable tool. Now you can track and place orders from anywhere in your pharmacy!


Training and Workshops

We run countrywide training workshops to inspire new ideas and help solve the problems you are currently facing. From marketing and retail to special projects like your loyalty program and clinic, provide the knowledge and skills required for success. If you miss the training around the country, there are YouTube videos you can watch with your staff. Although webinar technology is relatively new to South Africans, and we have some bandwidth challenges, we are looking into the best way to deliver online training to our members in the future.


WeCare National Call Centre


Our National Call Centre staff will help you to identify opportunities to be more profitable by analyzing your data with you and explaining what it means. We also provide telephone support for all things related to WeCare and will give you regular reminders of any new and current projects and initiatives during our weekly calls.


CSR (Customer Relations Officer)

A dedicated Customer Relations Officer (CSR) to assist you and your team to understand and get the most out of all the We-Care products and services. They are on hand to help you launch WeCare products and services in-store, or to run a Mule Train through your store to optimize your retail space for increased sales.

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